Alumni Vision


Launched in 2013, Alumni Vision brings together past participants of current and legacy Leadership Centre programmes, giving them an opportunity for an Alumni-led network for further collaboration and shared learning.

The Network comprises over 250 alumni of Future Vision, and its two forerunners, Leeds Castle and Vital Vision, plus 2025 programme Alumni, drawing on the vast wealth of knowledge and experience among the group to provide a forum for shared thoughts and learning.

This extended group of experienced leaders seeks to provide a useful space to access the latest leadership thinking and practice, and to enable participants to continue their own development as well as allowing them to be part of a supportive peer network.

Members of the Alumni Vision Network also have the opportunity to join regular Leadership Centre events framed specifically around the challenges they are facing, most recently including events looking into issues such as ‘Learning from the Pandemic’, ‘Leadership and Climate Change’ and ‘Leadership and Resilience’. There will also be a biannual newsletter to the Alumni network, as well as invitations to online learning sessions.

The network has also provided opportunities for members to take the lead on facilitating work among their peers. Past events included invitations to Alumni to join colleagues in Bath and Cardiff with conversations also underway for potential further visits.

The Leadership Centre Alumni work is guided and shaped by our Alumni Council. The Alumni Council is a group of 18 Leadership Centre Alumni from a range of sectors and organisations. The purpose of the Alumni Council is to provide a sounding board for the Centre when we are considering Alumni strategy and initiatives so that we offer relevant opportunities to Alumni which provide real value in their continuing leadership roles.

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