The Leadership Centre exists to promote the value of leadership and empower leaders to have the greatest collective, positive impact on the communities they serve. In support of this key purpose, we are now launching a new strategy which centres on three key themes:


The old solutions aren’t working so we need to develop new ones. We believe that the most exciting and purposeful innovation takes place when truly diverse combinations of people come together in enquiry and the Leadership Centre will facilitate this, focusing on some of  the most complex social, environmental and economic issues we face. This will be different to what you have seen before – we will be working in an environment of radical uncertainty and increasing complexity to push the boundaries of what is possible.


We will continue to develop and offer cutting edge projects, programmes and supportive consultancy. Our unique skill lies in the ability to notice and make sense of what is happening in your system and fuse it with the application of our knowledge, experience and resources in a way which is resonant with your place. The way we work may feel different to you, but we know it is effective, having been developed over 18 years working with people in their place.


We want to invest resources, time, money, ideas and expertise on aspects of society and community that tend to be least in view. We are interested in every system and place that is finding the leadership challenge difficult and we want what we have to be available to everyone, everywhere. As part of this, we are keen to identify and offer opportunities to future generations of leaders.

Our prospectus expands on the opportunities we are creating in each of these spaces and our Chief Executive, Mark Rogers, explains more below:



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